Student Voices

Ben Grondahl

I studied clarinet and saxophone with Jim Dygert for three years while I was in high school. Having a solid musician and great guy as a role model helped to pave the way for me to come to trust in my abilities as a young clarinetist. Mr. Dygert encouraged me to play every chance I had in local ensembles, and also helped prepare me for various auditions, including college auditions, and I was accepted into the clarinet studio of The Boston Conservatory where I majored in Clarinet Performance. From there I went on to play clarinet in a four-piece klezmer band called the Vulgar Bulgars with which I was able to tour all over North America, making a living doing what I love. None of that could have happened without the performance foundation that private musical instruction laid in my life early on. So thanks Jim Dygert and TVMS!