Auditions 2021

Online Auditions: Students will record their own audition video and include a Youtube link to the video in the application form. See Audition Requirements and Video Directions below, then fill out the Audition Form here:

Audition Deadline: March 29, 2021

Audition Requirements
Strings – There will be no orchestral excerpts for this audition cycle.
   2 Contrasting Excerpts of Solo pieces or Etudes.
   1 Scale in 3 octaves from these choices: D Major, A Major, Bb Major, or Eb Major
   1 Scale in 2 octaves with at least 4 sharps or flats: E Major, Ab Major, B Major, Db Major, F#

    Major, Gb Major, or C# Major

Winds – There will be no orchestral excerpts for this audition cycle.
   2 contrasting Solo pieces or Etudes

   2 major scales in 2 octaves that demonstrate your full range on your instrument


   2 Contrasting Solo pieces

   1 Solo piece or Etude on snare
    1 Solo piece or Etude on another instrument.
    (Contact us if you have no other instruments available)

Video Directions:

You may use a phone camera. Special equipment is not necessary.

If possible, have someone press the record button and stop the video for you.

  • Check the Requirements.
    • Do you have all the material for your instrument?
  • Get A Good View
    • You should be clearly visible like an audience member would see you in a recital.
    • String Players should make sure their F holes face the camera.
    •  It is best to use the rear camera rather than the front facing (selfie) camera. The rear camera is usually higher resolution.
  • Get the Best Sound you can.
    • Record when you can have quiet and no interruptions.
    • Record in an open space in your home that does not have too much echo (avoid bathrooms,
    • closets)
    • Listen to your video before submitting to be sure that sound levels are correct and not too distorted.
  • Upload your Audition
    • Go to, following YouTube’s directions to upload your video. You will need a Google/YouTube account, which is free.
    • To keep the video from being public, select the Unlisted option when publishing the video to YouTube. This usually appears in the third upload step, called “Visibility”
    • Do NOT publish your video as a “Private” video—the link must be accessible without a password.