TVYS Auditions for Spring 2022

JANUARY 22 in person auditions beginning at 4:00 p.m. Call or email to schedule an audition time.  860-439-2749 or

For Students Choosing To Submit Video, Click Here

Audition Requirements
2 contrasting Solo pieces or Etudes
2 major scales in 2 octaves that demonstrate your full range on your instrument
Expect sight-reading

2 Contrasting Excerpts of Solo pieces or Etudes.
1 Scale in 3 octaves from these choices: D Major, A Major, Bb Major, or Eb Major

1 Scale in 2 octaves with at least 4 sharps or flats: E Major, Ab Major, B Major, Db Major, F# Major, Gb Major, or C# Major
You may be asked to Sight-read.
Please contact us for audition details. Be sure to let us know what instruments you have available to prepare an audition.
1 Solo piece or Etude on snare
1 Solo piece or Etude on another instrument.
    (Contact us if you have no other instruments available)

**No Orchestral excerpt for this audition.  After your audition is reviewed, a zoom interview will be arranged to discuss orchestral percussion playing.


No Orchestral excerpt for this audition.